For years the go-to snack for guys watching their waistlines and keeping their muscles fueled was jerky. Whether it was beef, venison, elk, salmon, or turkey, you’d always find a bag or two of dried strips of protein-packed meat around when fitness fanatics stopped for a quick food fix on the road or at work.

Jerky is a still a great choice for snacking and filling your protein needs, but store-bought jerkies can be tough to chew, high in sodium, and dry—generally not the most pleasant culinary experience. Thankfully, companies are starting to put together some pretty amazing, high-quality meat mixtures that pack tons of protein and flavor without the chewy, jaw-muscle-testing texture jerky tends to have. These so-called “meat bars” are made from a wide range of protein sources and add in lots of different spices, veggies, and fruits for maximum deliciousness.

We tried some of the best bars out there that have no added nitrates and are made from 100% natural ingredients. They all feature an average of 100 calories each, and are packed with protein—around 10g per bar. The best part is that that all are made with unique and flavorful ingredients, jammed into an easy-to-eat and simple-to-pack bar. Take your pick and slip a few in your gym bag or desk at work for a quick, diet-friendly protein fix