We all start a diet or fat-loss phase very strongly. We are headstrong the first and second week, but by the time the third week rolls around we are tired of restricting our calories. Our friend Mr. Appetite is screaming in our ears, “You’re hungry, eat more! Come on, take a bite, you have been good all week.” Mr. Appetite can ruin any fat-loss phase, can cause us to gain weight, and never achieve a lean physique. It is extremely important to curb your appetite when dieting.

No. 1: Eat Balanced Meals


This rule may seem simple but lots of people neglect eating balanced. Balancing out your intake of your food over 4-6 meals per day can keep you feeling full throughout the day. Depriving yourself of certain macronutrients can lead to binges. Cutting out carbs completely will only lead you to crave them more.

No. 2: Consume More Fiber

fiber foods

Fiber helps slow digestion of your food, which will help you feel fuller longer. Foods that are rich in fiber are vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fruits. Fiber also helps to control the release of insulin; the slower and longer the release, the better. The recommended amount of fiber per day is 25-30g.

No. 3: Increase Your Healthy Fat Intake


Yes you read that right, increase your daily fat intake. Fats are very important to your diet. Fats help regulate hormone production and also help with the absorption of certain vitamins. Fats have more calorie density than any other macronutrient. Fats contain 9kcals per gram while protein and carbs contain 4kcals per gram. Similar to fiber, fats take longer to digest and slow the absorption of your food. Your fat intake should be between 20-35% of your total daily calories.

No. 4: Choose More Nutrient-Rich Foods


Flexible dieting — diets that advocate eating anything you want as long as its fits your macros – is crazy. While it is true that no food is better than others, there are certain foods that contain more vitamins, minerals and fiber than others. Let’s use the classic Pop-Tart as an example. In two Pop-Tarts, there are around 70g of carbs. For someone who diets on low carbs that is almost half their day in just two pastries. For that same amount of carbs you can have a ton more fruits, veggies and grains. Those healthier foods will help you feel satisfied. — the Pop-Tarts will leave you hungry after an hour.

When battling with hunger the buck starts and stops with you. Sometimes hunger is in the mind. Learn to take your time eating your food, it takes 20 minutes for the food to hit your stomach and give you that feeling of fullness. If you rush down your eating, you will probably overeat. You have to keep your goal in mind when you’re hungry. Sometimes all it takes is a little willpower and determination.