Food Fight: Lager vs. Stout

While pounding a six-pack flies right in the face of everything we preach here at M&F, alcohol in moderation can actually have health benefits. Two cold ones a day provide essential B vitamins and help keep your heart in shape.

This isn’t an invitation to chug whatever swill you can get your hands on, though. Go with a cold stout; although both beers have decent amounts of vitamin B12 (which may lower your risk of heart disease) and soluble fiber (which can help lower LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol), stout is the better choice because it has fewer belly-busting calories.

Elizabeth Ward, R.D., concurs. “The best bet for guys looking to maintain a healthy physique is the beer with the fewest calories.” She suggests a maximum of two drinks per night—and common sense, of course. “You can’t just down 12 beers in one sitting. That does you no good.”

*** Winner: Stout ***