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7 Foods That Make Your Crap Look Weird

Burger King's Halloween Whopper reportedly leaves your poop green. Find out what other foods can alter your poo and pee.

Burger King just launched their Halloween Whopper, which is a normal whopper that's decked out with a pitch-black bun. But there's reportedly a catch post-consumption when bowel movements start to occur: bright green poop. Yes that's right, the Halloween whopper changes people's stool to a disturbing shade of bright green. 

It's not clear as to what ingredients might cause color change, but a rep from the company told ABC news that the bun is made with less than 1 percent food dye. The rep also indicated that the pitch-black color is from the, "smoky black pepper flavor of A1 baked into the bun."

Some burger-eaters reported having bright-green poop for up to three days.

Certain foods and foods containing specific dyes like Green #3 or Red #40 can not only alter the color of your bodily wastes but also produce unpleasant smells. Click on through to find out what's causing that funny odor or color.