In March, as the coronavirus sent all of us into quarantine, Sara and her husband’s business was hit hard. As everything came to a standstill Sara was faced with the same mounting stress that many of us felt at the time.

Eating is a way many of us cope with stress; especially while much of the country was shut down. “When quarantine started, where I live in Maine pretty much shut down and I couldn’t go to work because we had no business. And that’s right when your challenge started.”

I said I can either be miserable during quarantine and stay home and eat my sorrows away or I can get my butt moving, take on this challenge and feel better at the end of it.


Sara set a goal to lose 50 pounds as she entered the Trifecta 90 Day Challenge. She signed up Trifecta Paleo meal plan and began tracking her macros.” Portion control is a big one. You don’t realize until you’re shown. When I started getting the meals I was surprised they were so filling. But just seeing what an actual portion is is important.”

Sara had never tried tracking macros before; she had tried different dieting programs, but had never tracked her progress for 90 days straight. Making the decision to track “even when it hurts” was what Sara felt made the difference for her. Having the visual of her progress at the end of everyday made it easier to keep moving towards her goal.

“During the 90 Day Challenge, I lost over 30 pounds and reshaped my body composition. I won the challenge for my discipline, sharing my journey online and my incredible transformation. But my greatest victory is noticed closer to home. My husband, he’s so proud of me, he could scream and he just said, ‘You know, it’s just been so cool to watch you because you’re just so much more positive.’”

As we all go into this new year, Sara’s journey shows that you are only 90 days away from being in the best health of your life. The Trifecta Challenge begins on January 11. If you are ready to make the shift and make this year Your Year join the community and take on the challenge!

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