No matter what your age, supplements can be a powerful tool to gain that extra edge in the gym. Here are three that should be in your cabinet at all times.

MU0713_ED_FORTY_02Testosterone Booster

After the age of 30 your testosterone levels begin to dip a bit each year. A test booster can get you back on track when you slow down. M&F Pick: Novex Biotech TestroVax



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Silk Amino Acids

This special blend of powerful Silk Amino Acids (SAAs) will stave off the breakdown of muscle and can give you a jolt of energy if taken pre- or intra-workout. They’ll also help you recover faster. M&F Pick: BPI Blox


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Joint Support/ Glucosamine Chondroitin

A 2002 study showed that 79% of people with osteoarthritis who took glucosamine and chondroitin together reduced pain. M&F Pick: Animal Flex


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