As senior science editor for M&F, 
I get tons of supplements sent to me every month, much to the dismay of the UPS and FedEx delivery guys. So 
I get to test-drive the best pre-workout supplements, fat burners and protein products out there to determine which ones deserve my stamp of approval. This also lets me compare various brands to find which products I like best.

But even if a specific supplement works for me, it may not necessarily work for you. After all, we each have our own unique biochemistry. So for those of you who aren’t fitness magazine editors,
the trial and error process of finding the right products could get expensive, which is precisely why we developed the M&F Supplement Sample program. It allows you to try some of the best, as well as brand new, supplements on the market today for a fraction of the cost you’d pay to
get them all separately. Here are the ones I recommend you give a go this month, to see if they get your stamp of approval.

Jim’s Cabinet

Dr. Jim has tried, and approves, these supplements.


660726799154Cytosport Monster Pump (Grape)
What I like best about this is that it contains the most critical ingredients you need before workouts in the dos- ages you need.



736211052377Musclepharm Assault (Raspberry-Lemonade)This pre-workout product gives me the jolt of energy I need to get through my toughest sessions. And it contains Con-Crēt, which is one of my favorite forms of creatine.



pGNC1-13010135t300x300Baddass Shred
This one makes my list be- cause it contains three of my favorite ingredients for melting fat—green coffee bean ex- tract, caffeine, and yohimbe.



713757920407Musclepharm Shred Matrix
The ingredients increase energy, boost calorie and fat burning, enhance brain function and blunt appetite.




610764710574VPX Meltdown
This is another fat burner that you will really feel working. Some of the major active ingredients include caffeine, synephrine, huperzine, yohimbe and methylphenylethylamine.



791083624015EAS Recovery Protein
Each serving provides 20 grams of whey protein, 40 grams of both fast- and slow-digesting carbs, and the leucine metabolite HMB for better recovery and growth.



733913009661Detour Low Sugar Bar (Neapolitan)
This Neapolitan treat delivers 30 grams of protein, mainly from whey, and only 
6 grams of sugar.




666222011318MHP Probolic-SR
This protein powder is a blend of whey, soy isolate and casein, which new research shows is a superior blend for promoting muscle growth.



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