Let’s say you want to be a physique model like Kyle Clarke. You not only need great genetics and unwavering determination, but you also need every form of energy you can muster to get the best workouts imaginable. Clarke relies on a combo of MRI products—Black Powder Ultra and NO2 Black Full Cycle—to achieve his amazing results. “When I’m weight training, these products help me get the craziest pumps. I can see every muscle fiber working, and every vein pumping oxygen and blood into my muscles,” Clarke says.

Here’s what each of these MRI products delivers.


This product was formulated to help your body produce power, strength, mental stamina, and focus and intensity. Relying on premium arginine ketoglutarate, this pre-workout pumping mechanism enhances nitric oxide (NO) production, driving muscle pumps and delivering nutrients to the muscles you’re targeting during that workout. N-acetyl-carnitine and other ingredients support stamina and endurance. To boost focus and intensity, the product uses time- and research-tested caffeine, Mucuna pruriens and taurine. Caffeine also supports immediate strength, delays fatigue, and beta-alanine also supports stamina.


This powerful hemodilator encourages your body to increase production of NO. This product is at the forefront of NO-producing supplements, containing an optimal amount of arginine, arginine ketoglutarate, citrulline malate and norvaline, among other ingredients. The formulation drives NO production through the roof for many reasons, including that it supports NOS, an enzyme that helps keep NO levels up. Vitamin C is one of NO2 Black Full Cycle’s ingredients that supports this process.

MRI Kyle Stack

Combining these two MRI products will help you surge in the gym, taking your workouts to surpassing achievements and unbelievable muscle gains. For best results take in one dose (three capsules) of NO2 Black Full Cycle before breakfast, and then kick in two more capsules about 30 minutes before your workouts. With Black Powder Ultra, consume one dose (1/2 scoop) on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before a workout. Then take in another dose while you’re working out.

“The combination is perfection,” Clarke says. “Black Powder Ultra gives me focus, energy and strength; NO2 Black Full Cycle provides vascularity, blood flow and faster recovery.” Try them together to support your next workout.

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