Our distant ancestors consumed large amounts of protein when they could, but often spent long periods without it due to the lack of supply. The good news is that now we can gather protein from other natural sources—we don’t have to hunt it. And we know much more about how to best utilize protein to maximize training, CrossFit performance, and physique goals. The following points will show you what to look for in a protein supplement. Keep in mind that no single source of protein is ideal for all your needs, but many complement each other.

You Need Protein Before You Train.

The protein you take in before you train becomes available to your body during the course of your workout. That’s especially true with fastdigesting whey and egg protein supplements taken shortly before you hit the gym.

You Need Protein After You Train.

The recovery and growth processes take several hours, so when the fast-digesting proteins you consumed before your workout are fully consumed, your body will still crave more. Getting another dose of protein helps maximize results.

You Need Protein—Period.

While pre- and post-workout windows are crucial, you also need to make sure to get in a total of one gram of protein per pound of body weight every day. You can rely on whole-food sources, but additional protein supplements help quite a bit.

Our Picks. Six naturally sourced proteins for hard-training guys.

Dymatize pursuit 100x100


Dymatize Pursuit Rx
Pursuit RX contains a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein (plus BCAAs), the balance that research shows is ideal for maximal recovery and growth when training.



Mhp paleo protein


MHP Paleo Protein
It’s paleo compliant because it’s made from beef and egg, sources of protein that are also high in BCAAs, the aminos that best facilitate recovery.

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Musclepharm combat 100x100

Muscle-Pharm Combat Powder
Contains a blend of fast-digesting whey and egg proteins and slowdigesting casein, to give you all-day coverage.

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Nutriwhey 100x100


NutriForce NutriWhey
Has 23 grams of protein per scoop, plus more than 5 grams of branchedchain amino acids (BCAAs) and 4 grams of glutamine, which drive recovery and growth.

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On platinum hydrowhey

ON Platinum Hydrowhey
This whey is hydrolyzed, meaning it undergoes an ultrafiltration process that breaks large protein molecules into isolates for the fastest possible uptake in the body.

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Wfit beyond protein 100x100

Wfit Beyond Protein
Provides a high concentration of the di- and tri-peptides your body preferentially absorbs faster than other proteins.

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