Jim Stoppani, PH.D., analyzes Horse Power X so you have all the information you need about about the make-up of this pre-workout supplement. Here are the ingredients:


This form of creatine is the most heavily researched. And the studies confirm that creatine monohydrate can boost muscle mass by about 10 pounds and muscle strength by roughly 10% in just a few weeks.


Like creatine, beta-alanine works to boost muscle strength, power, endurance, and size. And there’s more research piling up to show it works. In the body, this substance combines with histidine to form carnosine, which allows muscle fibers to contract with more force and power and do so for longer.


This amino acid is a powerful nitric oxide (NO) booster. Research has shown that when you take citrulline, your blood levels of arginine and NO increase more than when you take a similar dose of arginine. Having higher NO levels during workouts increases muscle strength and endurance, and it helps you get a better pump.


Studies show that men who resistance-trained while taking 500mg of this fenugreek extract for eight weeks gained about five pounds of muscle while simultaneously losing the same amount of body fat. Those taking the placebo gained only one pound of muscle and lost little body fat.


This central nervous system stimulant works to make you more alert, boost brain function, provide energy, increase muscle strength, and enhance your ability to deal with muscle pain. With all of these assets, caffeine will help you reach new levels of intensity in your workouts and garner better results.

Three scoops of Horse Power X provide 500mg of Torabolic, the dose found to boost muscle mass and shed fat.