When you want to boost strength and muscle mass, you may not have the proper amount of natural hormones and gene stimulators (proteins) to help you achieve your goals. MHP has produced two products addressing each of these specific needs. T- Bomb II increases available testosterone, while Myo-X helps stymie the activity of myostatin—a muscle growth inhibitor we all have.


Blocking the growth inhibitor myostatin raises your muscle-building potential. The active ingredient is a follistatin-rich extract from fertilized chicken yolks known as MyoT12, which helps limit myostatin activity.


Key ingredients include fenugreek, eurycoma longifolia, stinging nettle leaf, and cordyceps, among others. fenugreek increases the release of luteinizing hormone, influencing the testes to make more testosterone.

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To get the most from MHp’s Myo-X and T-Bomb ii, follow this protocol: add one scoop of Myo-X to 6-8 ounces of water and drink immediately. T-Bomb II should be taken twice a day—three tablets in the morning and three in the evening.

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