Every month, Jacked-in-a-Box (formerly the Muscle & Fitness Supplement Sampling program) ofers readers the chance to try a variety of new supplements without the expense of buying a full package of each product. In March, Jacked-in-a-Box included the following samples.


Pre-Workout Formulas


USP Labs Jack3D Micro

Take your training to an entirely new level with Jack3d Micro. Its precise ratio of performance- enhancing activators guarantees the ultimate pre-workout boost.




GAT Nitra
GAT NitraFlex

More testosterone equals bigger muscles. And NitraFlex is packed with T boosters, along with a bevy of ingredients to also spike nitric oxide levels, energy, strength—even mental focus.




Mike changs afterburn 1
Mike Chang’s Afterburn

This new pre-workout includes creatine magna power, a magnesium creatine chelate that can enhance creatine uptake by muscle cells. It also provides betaine and arginine.



Protein Powders


Iso fast whey
MHP IsoFast

While regular whey protein is already fast digesting, IsoFast is even faster. The process of micronparticulation reduces the size of the proteins for increased surface area, allowing more enzymes to attach to the protein to break it down.



Post-Workout Formulas


GAT Adeno
GAT Adenoflex

Ingredients like creatine, betaine, chro mium, ursolic acid, agmatine, and N-acetyl cysteine help to enhance recovery and muscle growth, while also prepping your body for hard training in your next big workout.

Creatine Powders


Con Cr

It’s loaded with creatine HCL, which has been shown to be better absorbed by the body than creatine monohydrate. That means less stomach discomfort if you’re the type who feels bloated when taking creatine. Even better, the greater absorption of Con-Crēt means you can take far less of it and still get great results.

Beast creature 1
Beast Creature

This creatine combines four different forms of creatine: Creapure (creatine monohydrate), Creatine Magna Power (magnesium creatine chelate), creatine alphaketoglutarate, and creatine anhydrous. It also includes vamadium citrate to help enhance creatine uptake by the muscles so it’s better absorbed.



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