Throughout its existence RIVALUS has demonstrated a commitment to assist professional and Olympic athletes to reach new levels in training and performance, while supporting young athletes in their quest to become great bodybuilders and powerlifters. Along the way, the sports nutrition company prioritized a strict set of standards ensuring all RIVALUS products are built to meet the needs of discerning athletes in all major sports, bodybuilding and powerlifting. In addition to their proven efficacy, all RIVALUS products are free of banned substances and built in world class facilities.

RIVALUS has a clear and laser-like focus: make the most powerful and effective supplements available free of hazardous substances and unwanted fillers, which is why no one has more professional athletes than TEAM RIVALUS. If you’re ready to maximize your training performance and results, join the RIVALUS team and incorporate the following potent supplements into your daily training regimen. 

Powder Burn 2.0

Powder Burn 2

Get that much needed explosive blast of energy upfront with Powder Burn 2.0. You never quit in the middle of your training or athletic competition, and neither should your pre-workout! Most pre-workout energy and pump supplements use proprietary blends to hide the fact that they’re primarily comprised of stimulants, but POWDER BURN 2.0 shatters that mold. This formula is transparent so you can see exactly what you’re getting. POWDER BURN 2.0 provides just the right amount of caffeine for an explosive blast of energy up front, while effective doses of arginine, agmatine and citrulline give you a sustained pump and beta alanine fends off muscle fatigue to help you battle to the end. POWDER BURN 2.0 is the spark that will ignite your workouts.

Steam BCAA

Your 5-Point Checklist to Keeping a Strong Back

Let off some STEAM for maximum gains! Endurance is mandatory for serious athletes, which is why the 2:1:1 BCAA ration, plus added glutamine, citruline and electrolytes in STEAM give workouts an added kick in the glutes to help you train longer and recover faster. 

STEAM is a highly-versatile amino acid supplement compromised of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Glutamine, and two forms of L-Citrulline. Use STEAM during workouts for hydration and training endurance, after workouts to initiate the recovery process, and between meals & before bed for added anti-catabolic support.


Steam bcaa 2

Get on the fast road to recovery. The most critical key to results is recovery, and the most essential element to recovery is protein. Vigorous training takes its toll on your body in the form of muscle tissue damage, and the best way to aid in the process of repairing that damage is to feed your body protein throughout the day in frequent intervals. PROMASIL helps by offering a 24g dose per serving of a 7-protein blend to strike the perfect balance between fast, medium and slow digesting proteins, and provide an excellent amino acid profile. Get the optimal recovery you need to be ready for game day with PROMASIL!


Post rx

For serious athletes who can’t afford down-time, RIVALUS advanced Amino & Recovery Complexes combine to help maintain maximum performance with minimal muscle breakdown – not just post-workout, but for the entire season. All with the added reassurance of ZERO BANNED SUBSTANCES. 

Post-Rx is an advanced complex designed to support the post-workout recovery needs of hard-working athletes. A 6.5g blend of L-glutamine and BCAAs plus trimethylglycine support muscle volume and rebuilding, while a recovery complex of boswellia, quercetin, and turmeric help modulate exercise-induced inflammation.

Native Pro 100

Rivalus Stacks Up Most Powerful Line of Supplements

NATIVE PRO 100 represents the latest innovation in whey protein. RIVALUS’ lower-temp technology extracts pure whey protein directly from the milk of pasture-raised, grass-fed cows to preserve more of the naturally-occurring benefits that have been scientifically shown to support muscle performance.

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