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For those who accept the call, the next few weeks will be Rock Hard Challenging. Brutal workouts designed to reconstruct your physique, fiber by groaning fiber, will be the order of the day. So that not a single rep is wasted, you’ll want to take every precaution necessary to maximize performance and enhance recovery. Yes, this will be largely determined by your adherence to the nutritional guidelines we’ve laid out in our RHC Nutrition Plan, but proper supplementation can dramatically enhance the speed and totality of your results. Heaps of dense, striated muscle await the savvy lifters who heed this fact. The following products provide a round-the-clock supply of crucial, can’t-miss compounds that will put you on the path to victory.


Nano-Vapor-thumbNANO VAPOR

Remember your goal: Not a single rep wasted. Nano Vapor by MuscleTech helps to ensure that you have the sustained drive to make each one count. A hearty dose of caffeine and L-theanine help to do that, supporting focus in one study group a full 90 minutes after their first rep. Caffeine also acutely increases strength, blunts pain, and delays time to fatigue. Lay in scientifically vetted doses of muscle-building creatine, citrulline, and beta-alanine and you have everything you need to motor through your next gym session like a boss.


Test-HD-thumbTEST HD

Perhaps Test HD stops short of Powerthirst’s “preposterous amounts of testosterone” claim but the efficacy of MuscleTech’s blend is, without question, a safer bet for the un-Hulks among us. Having the right amount of available T during a workout can help increase levels of aggression—and when you’re staring down a plate-laden Olympic bar, a little aggression can’t hurt. Test HD goes beyond the standard Tribulus dose with other well-researched herbal T-boosters like Shilajit, boron, stinging nettle root, and velvet bean.



To get lean, there’s no substitute for clean eating. But MuscleTech’s Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite helps to speed the process. It combines the powerful properties of caffeine with green coffee ex- tract which is gaining popularity as a fat-loss supp. In one eight-week study, green coffee extract helped subjects drop 10 pounds.



For a training program this intense, you’ll need 30–40 grams of protein powder post-workout—on top of any whole food you’re eating. And considering the intensity of the entire program, you’ll want to make sure you fend off any catabolism with protein shakes at specific times of day. By combining various types of proteins, each with different digestion (read: absorption) rates, Phase8 allows you to get quick protein when you need it, without taking its foot off of the anabolism accelerator. You can knock down a shake after the gym, have one for breakfast, or plow through one at bedtime—in any scenario, you’ll be giving your body an ample cache of aminos to draw upon.


Cell-Tech-thumbCELL TECH

One of the most popular supplements of the past decade has been MuscleTech’s Cell-Tech, and the formula has gotten only better with time. Primarily a creatine delivery system, Cell-Tech now includes synergistic ingredients like alpha lipoic acid (ALA), which helps with the absorption of creatine and glucose into muscle cells, giving you a fuller, harder look and helping you push harder through each set. Dieters who forgo creatine risk the opposite—muscles that appear flat and thin. Cell-Tech also contains a blend of BCAAs to speed recovery and increase stamina.


image_6466_False_250_250_1MuscleTech Build and Burn Stack

With fast and slow proteins, Phase8 can be taken any time of day. Each heaping scoop is 26 grams of protein at only 150 calories. With Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, start with only a half serving to test your tolerance, then adjust based on your own response. Taken together, you’ll build and burn in all the right areas.

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