When it comes to boosting your power, muscle mass, and training endurance, your supplements are as important as your training program. And one supplement that can improve your performance in the gym within
 28 days is beta-alanine.

It’s an amino acid that increases carnosine concentrations in muscle tissue and is directly related to amplified muscular performance, as well as buffering of lactic acid. Simply put: More beta-alanine means more carnosine.

CarnoSyn®, the only patented version of beta-alanine, is supported by more than 50 scientific studies. In one study, results showed that supplementation with CarnoSyn® at 6.4g a day for 28 days increased work capacity by 16.9% and endurance by 14.9%.

To optimize the effects, studies show that you must take a total of 90g of beta-alanine over 28 days—an average of 3.2g per day—to reach an effective muscle saturation level.

If you want to amplify your strength and endurance, you can increase your daily dose to reach the maximum threshold of 179g. This means supplementing with an average of 6.4g of CarnoSyn® each day.

A few additional tips: Beta-alanine can cause a tingling sensation, which is harmless and subsides after a few minutes—so start with a lower dose to determine tolerance, then increase intake to speed up the 90g accumulation. (You can also try sustained-release SR CarnoSyn®, which allows athletes to consume higher single doses.) Second, don’t skip any days of supplementation; consistent use leads to more effective results. Finally, ingest more on lifting days to maximize the training effect.

CarnoSyn® is included in a variety of supplements, and there are many strategies for hitting the dosing thresholds with these products. For more on proper dosing, go to loading.carnosyn.com.


Check for the CarnoSyn® logo:

CarnoSyn can be found in a number of sports nutrition products and can be stacked by taking multiple products a day (such as pre- and post-workout) to reach your daily intake. 

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