Get Shredded To The Bone – The M&F Rock Hard Challenge And The RHC Shred Stack

Would you consider your physique in the top 1% out there? Or, are you something shall we say…less? Well, here is your chance to find out and prove something. Top fitness magazine Muscle & Fitness and Strong Supplements teamed up this year to do something for those who have the extra gears it takes to be in the upper echelon of fitness.

In the April 2019 issue of Muscle &Fitness , M&F provides a top tier trainer, an extreme workout program and a diet to help you push your physique to stratospheric levels. Strong Supplement Shop does it’s part in a way no one else can. We developed the RHC Shred Stack derived from the industry’s top ranked supplements. Read on as we dig deep into the details to learn what makes this program and stack so special.

At Strong Supplement Shop, we pride ourselves on the supplements we deliver and the information to help you get the most from them. So when we were approached by the publishers of Muscle & Fitness to be a part of their annual Rock Hard Challenge, we knew it was something we had to be a part of because we have a large pool of customers who are in the top 1%. Since 2001, the Rock Hard Challenge has helped readers transform their physiques through an extremely hardcore program consisting of training, diet, and supplementation.

While we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this historic series and take a place among the giants who have come before us, in traditional Strong fashion we’re kicking things up a notch. The stack we’ve created to accompany the already intense training and diet regimen has been specifically designed to help take your shred out of the extraordinary and into the top 1% of physiques. While the program you follow will undoubtedly separate the boys from the men, a top 1% shred requires a top 1% edge—and thus, the RHC Shred Stack was born.

There are two parts to this challenge—the mass gain and the shred. During the mass gain phase you will be building as much muscle as possible in order to create the necessary foundation to yield that upper echelon look. While you could ignore this part and dive right into the shred, ignoring the foundational growth will result in a less impressive physique at the end of the program. In other words, if you have nothing to shred down to, all you’re going to end up with is a smaller version of what you were before.

That’s where Anafuse comes in to ignite your body’s anabolic furnace and ramp up the mass gains far beyond what you would typically be able to accomplish in a 4-week time frame. Anafuse is a dual bulking stack composed of the leading all-natural muscle maker, Laxogenin, and the plant-based antioxidant that helps myostatin, Epicatechin.

Laxogenin has quickly risen the ranks over the past few years as the most promising natural anabolic, a category supplements composed of anabolic building blocks derived from plant sources with little to no androgenic effects (1). In fact, studies showed that experienced users saw up to 200% greater protein synthesis, equating to 10-20 lbs of lean muscle mass in just two months (2).

Similarly, Epicatechin is a natural compound found in plants like green tea and cocoa that helps decrease Myostatin, probably the single greatest limiting factor in determining how much muscle your body is able to grow (3). One study showed reduction of myostatin levels by as much as 85% (4), allowing for greater gains and overall retention.




And because both Laxogenin and Epicatechin are naturally derived, they are non-toxic to your organs and do not increase blood pressure (1), meaning you won’t need any sort of on-cycle or post-cycle support.

As you head into the shred phase of the program, you’ll be pushing your body and mind to new limits you might not even have known you were capable of. Unfortunately, shedding body fat normally means losing a portion of your hard-earned muscle mass as well. That’s why the second half of your journey will be accompanied by True Shred, the first ever true hybrid shredder that not only continues your muscle building quest, but also helps decrease estrogen levels and fat stores as well.

Similar to Anafuse, True Shred contains Laxogenin to help maintain levels of protein synthesis, strength, and recovery. This time we see Laxogenin combined with Colostrum, which helps reduce oxidative stress related to skeletal muscle breakdown (5). Simply put, Colostrum can aid in rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue while under stress from exercise. Considering the intense bouts of training you’re about to go through, this is a key factor in preserving and even continuing to build that lean mass.


But in order to reveal that physique that lies just beneath the surface, True Shred relies on 7-Keto DHEA, a natural metabolite of DHEA that metabolizes fat and carbohydrate storage (read: excess weight) to increase thermogenesis (6). Additionally, 7-Keto can actually help lower cortisol levels (7), which when elevated make fat loss slow to a crawl and are naturally higher during times of stress—like when following a vigorous diet and workout program.

True Shred then ramps up the fat burning power by coupling this powerful ingredient with 3,5 T2, a mimetic of the T3 hormone. T2 helps burn fat by increasing metabolic rate without eating away at your hard-earned muscle (8).


While Anafuse and True Shred will help you gain that 1% edge, you might be wondering how you’ll bring the required intensity for your workouts in a depleted state. We couldn’t leave you hanging—that’s why the RHC Shredding Stack also features Wild Thing, the number one ranked preworkout supplement that has users raving about the “unprecedented” levels of energy and focus from the powerful formula.

Wild Thing accomplishes this monumental task by feeding both your muscles and your mind with a mix of amino acids and nootropics unlike any other. Nootropics have gained popularity over the past few years for their ability to enhance cognitive function and focus. Wild Thing boasts Noopept, one of the original nootropics with neuroprotective properties (9), and Phenylethylamine HCL (PEA), which also boosts cognitive function, mood, and focus (10). Trust us, when you take a look at what your program will entail over the next two months, you’ll be glad to have the intense laser focus and energy that Wild Thing provides.

And speaking of the program, C.S.C.S. and owner of Heart & Hustle Gym Kevin Lilly has crafted a killer training schedule and macro-based nutrition plan to whip your body into a physique even you never imagined possible. The program requires six days a week dedicated to workouts, with full-body circuits four of those days designed to challenge every muscle with a mix weights, core, and body weight exercises and keep your heart rate up to maximize your calorie burn. You might want to puke just looking at the warm-up, but remember this: you have just 8 weeks to totally transform your body, so you better make every minute count.

If this doesn’t have you amped to get started, then you better stay on the sidelines. Stay tuned to Strong Supplement Shop and Muscle & Fitness to find out how you can accept the 2019 Rock Hard Challenge and achieve a top 1% physique for yourself.

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