Krill are at the bottom of the food chain, and you’re at the top. Because of that you likely eat a lot of things that eat a lot of things that eat krill. But few bodybuilders or other humans eat krill, and so you likely don’t derive the direct benefit of consuming EPA and DHA, the healthy omega-3s they contain. In fact, you almost surely don’t consume enough EPA and DHA overall because they’re extraordinarily low in our food supply. The only foods with a high ratio of EPA and DHA to other fats are some fatty seafood sources including salmon and sardines. This means that you should consume more fatty fish or supplement EPA and DHA from krill oil if you want to gain the benefits these crucial fats provide.

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For best results, take up to 1 gram of a krill oil supplement with any whole-food meal for a total of up to 2g per day.

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Take the Red Pill

Why every hard-training athlete should consider supplementing EPA and DHA and, especially, krill oil.

A Brain Boost

EPA and DHA support cognition, immune function, and muscle growth and hasten recovery from intense training. These omega-3s are uncommon, so you want to emphasize fatty fish and supplements.

A Powerful Dose

Krill oil is much higher in the phospholipid versions of omega-3s than other fish oil supps. It also emulsifies better in your stomach, so it enters your system much faster.

A Clean Source

Most krill live in clean Antarctic waters, so their oil is less contaminated than average fish oil. Krill are also one of the most plentiful species on the planet, so eating them doesn’t hurt the environment.