Velositol: An Explosive Muscle Protein Synthesizer

Fuel your recovery process to increase size, strength and speed with this novel ingredient.

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HadelProductions / Getty

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Whether you are looking to build size, improve strength or develop explosive speed, it all starts with a well-designed program that is flawlessly executed. While the execution is up to you, the rest is left to your body and its desire to take the punishment, convert the fuel you consume, and create an outcome that leaves your competition in the dust.

Muscle development is a well-understood process involving regular bouts of specific exercise that when performed properly, induces a marginal and tolerable level of damage that repairs and rebuilds so that it is bigger and stronger than before. You are, however, limited by the speed at which your cells get to work and the length of time it takes to rebuild from strenuous exercise. Of course, the harder you work, the more damage you do, and ultimately, the longer it takes to repair. And if you do too much, your result could become counter-productive. But, we do know there are plenty of ways to help fuel the recovery process and even reduce the amount of muscle breakdown during exercise. The key to success lies in the concept of muscle protein synthesis and optimizing this process.

Protein Has A New Best Friend

Velositol, a relatively new, and novel compound, affects how your body uses protein. It improves the rate at which protein is used. It increases the amount of protein used in muscle protein synthesis. It simply makes the protein you are consuming better. Whether you are looking for size, strength or speed, the process of repair is the same physiologically speaking, and the fastest way to reach goals is to be a precise as possible. Velositol will enable precision when it comes to activating and driving muscle protein synthesis. How do I know this and why am I so sure? Keep reading. But I am warning you now, only a handful of products currently use it, so getting your hands on it, may a bit of challenge.

Muscle Protein Synthesis

Perhaps one of the most widely studied areas of muscle physiology is protein synthesis. And even with all the data we have, knowing how much damage or how fast your body can repair it are both as unique as your fingerprint, and complex as the ability to understand Dark Matter (you know the stuff in space that has no explanation). True, one day we will have these answers, but for now, like most others who have done a little reading here and there, you add some protein, amino acids, or a host of other ingredients designed to improve the rate at which your muscle rebuilds and go ask the biggest guy in the gym, how to build muscle.

We do know that specific aspects of muscle rebuilding involve processes that can be controlled. They have technical names like mTor and refer to a sequence of events that is still unclear but appears to be activated, controlled, or mediated by amino acids. Hence why consuming protein is so popular – when it breaks down, it yields critical building blocks and pathway activators that improve the rate at which muscle repairs and rebuilds. If you speed up the process or make it more efficient, you reach your goals faster. As the name sounds, Velositol does just that.

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