All five of the following main ingredients in Hydroxy-cut Hardcore Elite have clinical studies to support their effectiveness for fat loss.

CAFFEINE: Caffeine simply works. It aids body composition by freeing up more fat from your body-fat stores and by boosting the number of calories your body burns. You’ll pull more fat from your body’s fat cells and burn it away for good.

FORSKOLIN: This extract from the herb Coleus forskohlii enhances fat loss by activating the enzyme adenylate cyclase. This process allows fat cells to be broken down for use as fuel, and as an added bonus, it increases testosterone production.

GREEN-COFFEE EXTRACT: Made from unroasted coffee beans, this extract contains chlorogenic acid, which works synergistically with the caffeine in coffee beans to burn the fat caffeine frees from fat cells. Several clinical studies confirm that supplementing with green- coffee extract leads to significant fat loss.

COCOA EXTRACT: Cocoa provides the critical fat-loss ingredient theobromine, which is one of the active metabolites that caffeine breaks down into in the body. It provides fat-burning effects similar to those of caffeine.

YOHIMBE: This extract from the bark of the West African tree Pausinystalia yohimbe, is a very potent fat burner. Its active ingredients yohimbine and rauwolscine bind to fat cells, inhibiting specific receptors that limit the amount of fat that can leave the cells. Less fat is then stored, and more is freed up to be burned away as fuel.

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