This year marks the first evolution of fat burners since the virtual wipe out of DMAA from the industry, and one trend is clear: demand is strong for stimulant-based fat burners that do more than give you the jitters. We saw the return of the reigning champ Alpha Lean-7, as well as some familiar faces from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. Newcomers include The Muscle Sculptor by Vital Alchemy, featuring a combination of fat burning technology and a natural anabolic which sets to redefine the category, as well as the return of the improved Hell Fire by Innovative Labs after a brief hiatus from the market.

Without further ado, we proudly present the Top 10 Fat Burners for 2019.

1- Alpha Lean-7 by Hard Rock Supplements

The gap continues to grow between Alpha Lean-7 and all other fat burners as it becomes the first supplement ever to claim the #1 position for 3 consecutive years. Customer’s continue to make it their go-to when it comes to fat loss as it’s repurchase rate now dwarfs the entire Top 10 Fat Burners combined! Users have suggested that is the best all-around fat burner with its thermogenic effects and appetite suppression being second to none.

In the beginning, there was Ephedra, and then DMAA came on the scene – now there is Alpha Lean-7 whose innovative formulation represents a paradigm shift that has changed the industry forever.


2- Hydroxyelite by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

After many years at the top of the pack, Hydroxyelite went through a reformulation in early 2018 removing it’s key ingredient DMAA and replacing it with “2-Aminoisoheptane,” for a formula that still packs an intense thermogenic and metabolic punch. Users are reporting staggering results with many experiencing losses of over 10lbs in just 30 days.


3- The Muscle Sculptor by Vital Alchemy

TRENDING: If you are looking for a fat burner with some muscle look no further than The Muscle Sculptor. A 2-in-1 product that is both a potent fat burner and natural anabolic helping users to harden muscle mass while shedding body fat, ideal for those looking to develop a chiseled physique. Customers have reported a steady fat loss and loving the results so much that they are picking up additional bottles to extend their fat loss out to 8 weeks.


4- Lipodrene Hardcore by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Lipodrene is a powerhouse of a fat burner, if you have a high tolerance to stimulant based products this is your go to supplement. Just about every powerful and novel stimulant on the market can be found in this product, which means it should only be a consideration if you are a very experienced user of fat burners.


5- Black Mamba Hyperrush by Innovative Labs

Black Mamba has been around for years but in early 2018 Innovative Labs revamped the formula and customers have been loving it. Many are reporting more energy, appetite reduction, better focus and better mood.


6- Hell Fire by Innovative Labs

Hell Fire has been reborn. At one point in time many considered this to be the strongest fat burner on the market but after a few reformulations Hell Fire appeared to have fallen off, but according to customer feedback, they nailed it with this last reformulation. Some customers claim it has them sweating like they are in the desert!


7- Assass1nate by Olympus Labs

One of the rising stars this year is Assass1nate by the innovators at Olympus Labs. A non-stimulant fat burner that helps with appetite reduction, preventing the storage of new body fat, and metabolism stimulation. One of the biggest bonuses is that Assass1nate doubles as a glucose disposal agent helping you to utilize your food as fuel instead of storing it as fat, especially your carbs.


8- Radiate by RXS Supplements

Released in mid-2018, Radiate jumps onto the scene with a formula that helps convert fat that hides your physique into fat that helps your burn more fat. It overall has well rounded formula and many customers are reporting that they are passing up their energy drinks for Radiate. 


9- Demon Burn 50 by Hard Rock Supplements

Demon Burn 50 returns to the Top 10 for the 5th year in a row with arguably one of the strongest appetite reduction formulas available today. As a hardcore fat loss aid Demon Burn 50 also delivers in terms of intense energy, mental alertness, and stands out as a great value as it is one of the few fat burners on the market that comes with 100 servings per bottle.


10- Lipodrene by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Lipodrene is the largest selling fat burner in America. It has been promoted on late night television and has a huge following. According to our customer’s feedback there is a lot more effective fat burners out there, but some people have used Lipodrene for many years and repeat buy the product. It’s not super stimulative and its not as potent as some of the others on the list, which might be one reason why the mainstream likes it so much.


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