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The best suspension-trainer workout for your abs

Get a six-pack anytime, anywhere, with three moves and no weights.

The best suspension-trainer workout for your abs
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Duration 30
Exercises 3
Equipment Yes

For most of us, traveling and time constraints don’t end with the holiday season. Work and family commitments are a year-round obstacle to getting in great workouts. Thankfully, we have a workout solution for when you can't go to the gym—a suspension trainer.

The following routine—an abs workout done with only a suspension trainer—is an ideal go-anywhere workout with minimal equipment. Take it on the road with you and you’ll have no excuse for not boasting lean, hard abs any time of year.

How it works

Exercising on a suspension trainer is like working out in an earthquake.Your core has to be engaged at all times to allow you to perform even the simplest movements—like tracing circles with your hands—without falling. You can even simulate a sprint on the trainer, which increases your heart rate and the amount of fat being burned while forcing your core to hold you in place despite the movement of your legs.


Perform the paired exercises (marked A and B) as supersets. So, you’ll do one set each of A and B before resting. Complete all the prescribed sets for the pair before moving on. Do the sprinter exercise as conventional straight sets.

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Today's Workout The best suspension-trainer workout for your abs

Exercise 1A.

Circle You'll need: No Equipment How to
Circle thumbnail
2 sets
10 (each direction) reps
0 sec. rest

Exercise 1B.

Pike-Up How to
Pike-Up thumbnail
2 sets
10 reps
60 sec. rest

Exercise 2

Sprinter How to
Suspension Trainer Sprinter thumbnail
4 sets
60 sec., 45 sec., 30 sec., 15 sec. reps
As long as each set lasts rest