“What are your tips for an active (yet appropriately practical) outdoor date?” —Mark W., Franklin, TN

Well, the goal of any first “active date” is to keep it fun active and not, you know, exhausting active. (So hold off on that Kilimanjaro climb, hero.) Your safest bet is an easy hike, says Casey Schreiner, the founder and editor of modernhiker.com. Map it out beforehand. Depending on the climate, he advises you to keep the total distance under five miles (you’ll be hiking at around 2 or 3 mph uphill). Whatever you do, resist the urge to show off. “Being a fit, fast hiker is impressive,” says Schreiner, “but not if your date is huffing and puffing to keep up with you as you leap across rivers and dash up hillsides.” And don’t forget to pack lunch. “That’s a plus of dating a hiker,” says Schreiner. “They’re cheap dates.”

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