There’s nothing ambiguous about action movies: good guys, bad guys, explosions, one-liners—done. The same can be said of Jaimie Alexander, who stars in this month’s action-packed blockbuster The Last Stand. Direct, to the point, and without hesitation, the brunette bombshell held back nothing in telling us exactly what she has on her mind. We took notes.

Know What You Want
I love a man with a sexy smile, but if he can’t make me laugh it’s a deal breaker. My ideal man’s body type is lean and athletic—a guy who’s totally into fitness and training is hot to me, unless he makes it his whole existence. I once Googled someone before a first date, and as a result of what i found, I didn’t go out with him.

Don't Fake It
If you’re walking around as if you have imaginary-lat syndrome, you’re trying too hard—just like a girl is trying too hard when she tries to look like a Barbie she bought at Sluts R Us. The most arrogant thing a guy ever said about himself while trying to impress me was, “I have a lot of money.” What a dick.

Opportunities Are Everywhere
It’s possible to pick up a girl at the gym. The worst place to hit on a girl is probably
 at the doctor’s office. The strangest place I’ve met someone I ended up dating was on Myspace in 2005 (I know, I know). The best pickup line anyone ever used on me—that worked—was, “I’ll be honest, I like you. Give me a shot.”


She’ll Be Back!
We love it when this happens: A hot girl pops up on TV and makes you do a double-take, and just like that she’s gone; then, before you know it, she’s everywhere. Jaimie Alexander caught our eye in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia back in 2005. Maybe you’ve seen her since (Nurse Jackie, anyone?), but when Alexander hit the big screen as Sif, the goddess of war in 2011’s Thor, we rejoiced. No matter what, though, don’t miss her in this month’s highly anticipated The Last Stand alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, who stars in his first lead role since 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Check out the trailer for The Last Stand below, then watch Jaimie talk about what it was like to work with an action film legend.