She’s Australian (that accent!), speaks fluent Polish—just like the sexy secret agent she plays in Chuck—and felt it pertinent to mention that she won’t run away if you accidentally pass gas in front of her. If that’s not a catch, well, then, we don’t know what is.

What we do know for sure is that you'll be seeing a whole lot more of Strahovski, who starred in the latest season of Dexter and can be seen in the recent big-screen comedy The Guilt Trip, in which she plays the ex-girlfriend Seth Rogen can’t get over. It’s not hard to see why.

And now Yvonne tells MF what she looks for in a man:

On a date, I like it when a man wears…a light aftershave.

A guy is trying too hard if…he acts super tough and macho.

I love it when a man…has good communication skills.

My ideal body type on a guy is…lean and athletic.

If a man has back hair…and it’s totally bushy, it has to go! It would give me satisfaction to wax it myself.

The best pickup line anyone ever used on me was‘Will you go on a date with me tomorrow? I’m taking you to bingo.’ It worked.