Five Tips for Moving in with Her

We asked our expert for a few ways to make the transition easier.

Five Tips for Moving in with Her

So you've done it: You said the words, she's said yes, and you've handed her the keys to your apartment. Now your lives are really entwined. Living with your ladyfriend isn't always the simplest of tasks, so we asked dateologist Tracey Steinberg a few ways to smooth the transition. "Moving in together is a huge step which can make or break a couple," she says. "It can solidify your relationship and bring you two closer and it can expose you to all of their annoying habits." Better get started then.

1. Make Yourselves (Both) Comfortable

You might be a little more punk rock or Superman-crazed than her, but don't ruin her space. She needs it too. "Make joint decisions on how you'll decorate your place together so that you both can feel comfortable at the new place," Steinberg says. "If you have doubles of anything such as kitchen appliances it's best to keep whatever is cleaner and nicer and donate the other."

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