Boy Short
What it means: Either this girl just went through a breakup or she's confident enough to have a cut like her brother's. If it's the latter, she's an independent gal who doesn't need to hide behind her hair. You'll have to work for her favor, though. There's a good chance she can match your every move, in bed and out.

Long Locks
What it means: She cares about how she looks-and if she knows the sexual power of her hair, imagine how she feels about the rest of her body. But don't tug on the hair without permission first. She probably spends more on it than she does on cable. Comment on how good her hair smells or how shiny it is and you're a shoo-in.

What it means: Holy highlights, Batman! Whether she looks super hot or like she stepped under a paint sprayer that hit every other inch of her head, this girl definitely tries to keep up with the latest trends. And if she's up on what the stars are doing to their heads, she's probably paying attention to what they're doing in their beds as well. Expect a wild ride.

Funky Colors
What it means: If she's sporting any other color than what God gave, well, anyone, then she's trying to make a statement-so be prepared to match her bold personality. Whatever you do, don't ask her something stupid, like if the carpet matches the drapes. Better to find out firsthand, which shouldn't be hard. If she's willing to try new things on her head, imagine what she'll try in bed. Expect kinks or to be tied up a few times.

What it means: When a girl endures having fake hair glued to her scalp just to look better, it could mean one of two things: She's willing to do anything to impress you; or she's an impatient, spoiled brat who always demands instant gratification. Either way, don't be surprised if you wake up the next morning and find that without her wearing a padded bra and colored contacts, you won't be able to recognize the stranger lying next to you.