The best indicator that a woman you’ve just met is into you? Proximity.

I teach my clients the “Arm, Elbow, Shoulder” strategy: When the two of you are at arm’s length from each other, it usually means the conversation’s more social and superficial. If interest increases, you’ll naturally get closer, about an elbow’s length away. And If you start feeling even more intimate, you’ll likely be almost touching shoulders.

How to introduce yourself to a woman without coming off like a total stalker

How to introduce yourself to a woman without comin...

We talk you through this precarious situation.

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Another great way to gauge interest: Mix playful banter—complimenting her personality, teasing her playfully—with physical contact, like touching her elbow when emphasizing points. If she’s not returning the banter and touching you back, she may not see you as a mate. If she is, you’re probably in good shape to get that date!”

Thomas Edwards is the founder of The Professional Wingman.