Wondering if that girl you’ve been scoping out is worth the effort? We’ve got a secret that will help you figure out the answer in seconds—no small talk required. Instead of sidling over and testing the water, just glance at her shoulder to see what kind of purse she’s using to haul her stuff. Then use our handy guide below to crack her code.

What it says: She’s a no-nonsense girl who cares more about having an extra pair of clean, dry socks with her than following some fashion trend. She’s also down-to-earth, good-natured, and not worried about putting on airs-on the street or in the sack.

What it says: She’s a disorganized spaz. Whatever you do, never ask to borrow a pen. She’ll be rummaging in her bag for 20 minutes and may pull out half a turkey sandwich before she finds a writing implement. And don’t expect things to be much different in her home, her closet, or even her mind. Sure, she means well. She just has some, uh, baggage.

Covered in logos
What it says: She’s a shallow label whore. Chances are, her precious “Louis Vuitton” isn’t real in the first place. And even if it is, that just means the girl is so insecure, she needs to have a bag with some designer’s name on it in order to feel important. Bang a chick with a Louis, and there’s a real chance she may be calling you her “baby” by morning.

What it says: Prim and put together, this girl knows exactly what she wants and needs in life-something chic, but small enough to tuck under her arm while effortlessly gliding through crowded clubs. It’s similar to the way she’ll see you should the relationship move on to the next level: as an accessory that looks good but is only there to carry her compact and pay her bills.

Nothing at all
What it says: All this free spirit needs is pockets to stash her cash, a driver’s license, and a tube of lip gloss. In the bedroom, this girl is the ultimate wild card: The sex will be so good, you won’t even notice when she’s left with your wallet.