Clover—the mobile dating app that pairs nearby men and women and suggests first date hot spots based on distance, popularity, and price—analyzed data from 1.5 million users to find out who’s getting the most and least likes based on their career.

Keep reading to see what jobs women find sexy and unsexy—at least according to Clover. 

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1. Doctor
Not surprised? (We didn’t say this list was shocking.) According to Clover, doctors get 2.5x more likes than the average Joe (but, hey, they also went through 2.5x the schooling). What’s more, they get 8x more likes than bakers (not to ruin the perceived unsexiest occupation list). 

2. Psychiatrist
Women were allured by psychiatrists—perhaps it’s the good listening skills? 

3. Lawyer
Clover’s survey discovered male lawyers are 55 percent sexier than their female counterparts. We can see the enticement for women; it’s a position that requires ambition and power. Not to mention serious style and great hair—at least if you watch SuitsGet Gabriel Macht’s slick look with these pro barber tips.


1. TV Producer

2. Cashier

3. Baker

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