We know rich celebrities and athletes get all the girls, but if you think that acting like a big spender will impress your date, you may be sadly mistaken. Of the 30 million matches made on eHarmony in July 2010, both men and women were 25% more likely to be reached out to if they indicated that they were savers rather than spenders. What's more, a recent study from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business shows that across the board men and women at any age are more attracted to mates who identify themselves as savers instead of spenders. 

But don’t lock up your wallet in a safe just yet. Your reason for saving, not to mention her personality and goals for your relationship, all affect this frugality formula. According to the University of Michigan study, participants found experimental savers (i.e., "I’m saving for my trip to Europe in five years") and investment-oriented savers (i.e., “I’m saving for the down payment on a new house”) significantly more attractive than materialistic savers (i.e., “I’m saving so I can put a new stereo in my BMW”). In fact, materialistic savers were not seen more positively than chronic spenders. 

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Why are savers preferred? The study suggests that we are attracted to savers because their frugality is somehow implicative of greater financial resources and more importantly, self-control. 

How you can use this information to land a great girl who isn't just dating you for your money? We have a few tips:

  • Review your online dating profile to see whether you come across as Mr. Big Spender or a steady breadwinner. Emphasize your goal to backpack across Africa or start a business, but downplay your toy fund.
  • Slow and steady usually wins the race, but not all the time. Research revealed that those who are more susceptible to boredom and less interested in long-term relationships find savers less attractive. So if you’re just looking for an adventurous one-night stand, pull out the cash and woo away.

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