Pros: You’ve had the luxury of knowing each other over a long period of time, under a range of circumstances—and lighting.

Cons: If you’re the reason for the breakup, you’ll definitely be one friend short, and maybe more if your other friends choose sides.

Verdict: Thumbs down

EX’S SISTER Pros: She already knows your shortcomings—the ins and outs of your last relationship, and why it went south. And she’s with you anyway.

Cons: Holidays with her family will suck.

Verdict: Thumbs down

Pros: She has the best thong-and-stiletto collection you’ve ever seen.

Cons: She makes her living undressing for other men.

Verdict: Thumbs up

Pros: Internships usually last six months.

Cons: Internships usually last six months.

Verdict: Thumbs down.

Pros: She knows what she wants and she’ll tell you to your face—no games.

Cons: Aside from the husband, and the Sixth Commandment, nothing a little plastic surgery can’t fix.

Verdict: Thumbs up