Usually, a man’s thighs aren’t paid too much attention, but we wanted to see how women feel about guys who work out in short shorts (particularly those super short running shorts). Do they mind a flash of (probably hairy) skin, or do they prefer you to keep your thighs under wraps? And how about that percentage of women who really dig a pair of short shorts? We uncovered it all…

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Of the 100 women polled, 11 were keen on men in short shorts, saying guys should only work out in them. Twenty were cool with you donning ‘em so long as you have athletic legs. Thirty-two were indifferent (when’s the last time you heard a woman pining over a man’s legs? Check out slide #10 and that’ll change). And 37 vowed they never want to see your thighs (sorry, guys). Whether you care to alter your workout attire based off of a woman’s two cents is your own choice, but first, check out their explanations. Here are our favorite quotes:

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“It’s not seeing THIGHS that I’m worried about.” – Kristen C.

 “I don’t really like them, but it’s never really bothered me that much. I know they’re comfortable for running.” – Sam R.

“It’s just not an attractive part of men. Show what stands out in a good way.” – Dylan K.

“I think of old, sweaty, shirtless guys when I think of short shorts.” – Jaynie S.

“Let ’em breathe!” – Ashley H.

 “Ripped guys can wear any skimpy clothing and still be hot.” – Danielle B.

“I’m a full believer in “sky’s out, thighs out,” but only at the pool. The running shorts are not at all attractive, and not at all necessary. Also, you’re not in the Olympics so let’s stop pretending.” – Catey T.

“Pastey white, sparsely haired, man thighs?! No thank you.” -Emilie W.

“It’s a man’s choice to wear whatever makes him feel comfortable. I wouldnt want a man complaining about the clothes I wear, so I think they should be granted the same courtesy.” – Sarah H.

“I’m definitely a fan. Man thigh is underrated. Short shorts need to make a comeback. (See: NBA in the 1970s for inspiration.) They tend to make a guy look taller, too!” – Christina K.