We Asked 100 Women (who don't do CrossFit): Would you date a guy who does CrossFit?

And the overwhelming answer was...

We Asked 100 Women (who don't do CrossFit): Would you date a guy who does CrossFit?

In light of the CrossFit Games currently in progress, we decided to ask 100 women a CrossFit-related question this week. (Yup, we do this every week. You can see some of our past survey results here and here.) 

If you're a CrossFitter, you know it's one hell of a workout (We almost lost one of our own editors in a WOD with CrossFit champ Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet). But when it comes to dating, how does the fact that you frequent a box come across to women who don't do CrossFit?

Turns out 68 percent think it's a turn on (or are indifferent), while 32 percent are turned off (or terrified) by your lifestyle. As always, there were many qualifiers and long-winded explanations behind their answers.

Read on for some of the best responses we received.

“I would date a CrossFit guy, but only if his dominant personality trait isn't 'CrossFit Guy'.” – Sara M. 

“Yes. As long as they’re not obnoxious about it—a.k.a don’t talk to me about it 24/7, and you better still eat cake and wine.” – Chelsea G. 

“Actually, no, they scare me. I feel like a guy who throws around massive tires on a daily basis might get too aggressive for me.” – Sarah H.

“The CrossFit thing wouldn't bother me, but if he was cocky about it and too into himself, that would.” – Nicole G. 

“I'm going to say no because, although it shows that they're dedicated to staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I feel like the schedule for CrossFit can be pretty intense, which could cut into my time with the guy. Especially if he has a day-time job. Needy, whatever.” – Julia C.

“No, because it seems like everyone I know who does CrossFit is obsessed with it and it consumes their life/is all they talk about.” – Eliza JB.

“Yes. I think CrossFit is just another form of staying in shape.” – Rachel F. 

“If he's the kind of guy who only ever talks about exercise, then no. I don't even like to think about my own exercise, nevermind hear about someone else's. “ – Gwyneth C.