The average dude probably doesn’t give much thought to women’s fashion. But we all know that guys definitely have a few favorites: Yoga pants. A cocktail dress and heels. Your t-shirt—and nothing else.

Well, women have some favorites, too. Not to give it all away, but you might want to shop for a sharp (tailored!) suit, and maybe think about mastering the jeans-and-a-tee look. (And don’t forget a great scent that’ll drive her wild.)

We asked 20 women about the duds they love to see on dudes. Take notes—and get thee to a tailor.

“Men in suits. I die.” – Heather S.

“A uniform.” – Brie D. 

“Just socks. But only because that’s the only piece of clothing left over when we have sex.” – Rachel E. 

“I love a man in a suit. But I also think jeans and a white tee is casually very sexy.” – Alexa L.

“Boxers and a white t-shirt—though I do love a guy in a baseball hat, too.” – Christine W. 

“A pair of jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. I love shoulders.” – Cara G. 

“If you don’t look like Harvey Specter from Suits, I’m honestly not interested.” – Olivia M. 

“The effortless jeans-and-hoodie look is hot, but you need to make sure it’s not old, crappy clothes. It’s about achieving that sexy-yet-effortless vibe.” – Miranda S. 

“A suit is the sexiest thing a man can own and wear.” – Elizabeth D. 

“Look at everyone in the room. A guy doesn’t even have to be good-looking, but when he wears a suit, he’ll instantly look best.” – Quinn G. 

“I love when guys pair a white t-shirt with jeans. A great pair of denim jeans is so sexy.” – Liz N.

“Basically anything tailored. I don’t care if it’s joggers or a suit, just know your damn size and purchase appropriately.” – Maize J. 

“Dress shirt, tie, and suit—one that fits correctly!” – Nicole G. 

“Shirtless, in just sweatpants—with nothing underneath.” – Raquel L. 

“Jerseys of any kind. I love a man who loves sports.” – Chelsea D. 

“A well-tailored fitted suit.” – Mary Kate T. 

“I’ll fight the urge to say ‘nothing,’ I do love to see a guy looking athletic—wearing shorts or fitted sweatpants, like joggers, with no shirt.” – Ann S. 

“Dark-wash jeans and a classic shirt. It’s more about how it fits than what he wears.” – Julia C. 

“I like more of a manly man, so I love guys in actual work clothes, a suit, or gym clothes. But all of this depends on how well he can dress. It he doesn’t have style or it doesn’t fit right, forget it!” – Danielle C. 

“If a guy spends a lot of time in the gym, I like to see him in tanks. Show off your hard work. It’ll be hard for women to keep their eyes—and hands—off you.” – Sara D.