For many guys, Valentine’s Day can be a landmine of ways to piss off your girlfriend. From picking the perfect gift (it all depends upon how long you’ve been dating) to planning a fantastically cliché date (totally worth it), plenty of things can go wrong.

But nothing inspires greater feelings of dread and despair than the fear of being ghosted. And while you might not be surprised to learn that ghosting is fairly common, you might be keen to discover that ghosting is more prevalent in certain cities—especially on what’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year.

People in Detroit are most likely to bail on their pre-made Valetine’s Day plans with a 15.2% no-show rate, while couples in Minneapolis are most likely to keep their commitments, according to data from Resy, a popular reservation app.

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Here are the top five cities in which couples are most likely to turn up for their dinner date, and the cities in which you very well might be ghosted:

Commitment alert

  1. Minneapolis (1.5%)

  2. Boston (1.9%)

  3. Portland (2.1%)

  4. Charlotte (2.3%)

  5. Philadelphia (2.6%)

Ghost alert

  1. Detroit (15.2%)

  2. Orlando (10.8%)

  3. Miami (8.6%)

  4. San Diego (7.7%)

  5. Chicago (7.2%)

And if you’re not planning on going out for dinner (if you live in Detroit or South Florida, that might be a good idea), check out these 10 at-home romantic dinner recipes that’ll impress your girlfriend or these out-of-the-box date ideas under $50. Your wallet—and perhaps your pride—can thank us later.

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