Sure, Kim Kardashian may be beautiful, but a guy can only stare at the same bikini shots so many times. If you're tired of ogling over the same old celebrities, Men's Fitness is revealing five fresh faces of actresses, models and athletes that you probably haven't seen before. From a Bollywood star to a tennis ace, these gorgeous women deserve to be appreciated before TMZ ruins them for all of us.

April Bowlby

Ever wonder why Two and a Half Men was the biggest show on television? Check out April Bowlby. Standing 5'10" with a dancer's body, the California native nabbed primetime attention with her role as Kandi on the hit sitcom. Reportedly landing the role within weeks of moving to Hollywood, the gorgeous actress went on to steal scenes on CSI and How I Met Your Mother. Now with a major role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, Bowlby is moments away from making the jump from "sexiest woman you've never heard of" to "sexiest woman people can't stop talking about."


Rosa Acosta

The exact type of woman Sir Mix-a-Lot had in mind when he wrote his 1992 masterpiece, "Baby Got Back," 26-year-old Rosa Acosta may be the best thing to happen to bathing suits since the bikini was invented. Once a member of the Dominican Republic's national ballet company, the physically blessed model now turns heads with a different style of moves in music videos by the likes of Drake and 50 Cent. Regularly appearing in hip hop magazines like King and Smooth, the 5'5" stunner is now gaining more mainstream attention thanks to her beauty, body and the fact that she can do full splits.


Bipasha Basu

One of Bollywood's biggest stars, the striking Bipasha Basu rose to fame when she won a Ford modeling contest at the age of 17. Soon after, the New Delhi-born beauty made the transition to acting where she starred in huge Bollywood hits like Raaz, Dhoom 2: Back In Action and other films that probably aren't readily at your local Blockbuster. A major target of media coverage in India, Basu is one-half of one of her country's most famous couples and has been called the sexiest woman in Asia by multiple publications. Now if she'd only make the move to Hollywood.


Caroline Wozniacki

The lowdown on this Danish beauty? Think Anna Kournikova with a decent backhand. Currently ranked at No. 4 in the world by the Women's Tennis Association, Caroline Wozniacki caught national attention when she made it to the finals of the 2009 U.S. Open. But it was the 5'10" phenom's long legs and blue eyes that turned us into loyal followers. Only 20-years-old, Wozniacki has already won seven major tours and netted nearly four million in prize money. Add to that a modeling contract with Stella McCartney and a residence in Monaco and you have the makings of the perfect woman.


Liu Yifei

A model, actress and singer since she was a young child, Liu Yifei has experienced major success in all of these genres in her native China. Now, the 22-year-old beauty is poised to take on America. Making her Hollywood debut in the Jackie Chan kung fu flick The Forbidden Kingdom, the gorgeous performer proved she could swing swords with Jet Li and look damn good while doing it. Currently, Yifei has no projects lined up in Hollywood, adding to her under-the-radar appeal, but MF will continue to eagerly await her return to the big screen.


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