Over 2.4 million people voted. And the official results are in. Jennifer Lawrence, 22, badass teen in The Hunger Games and sex-obsessed widow in the Silver Linings Playbook was named 2013’s Most Desirable Woman in AskMen’s annual international poll.

This epic list of the world's 99 Most Desirable Women is selected based on on personality, wit, intelligence, achievement, confidence, ambition, and of course, looks. And history stands to prove it. Last year, “Most Desirable” went to Sofia Vergara. Before her: sexy actresses Blake Lively, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Eva Mendes. But for 2013? Jennifer Lawrence had the resume, the body, and probably enough Facebook friends to take the title.

In fact, Lawrence skyrocketed from No. 47 last year. "Overall, there's a sense that she's a little more authentic than other actors," James Bassil, AskMen’s editor-in-chief, told Reuters. "She's fresh because we haven't seen her all over the gossip pages for the past three or four years."

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Though, her piercing eyes definitely keep us intrigued, we have to agree she’s much more than a pretty face. And yes, we’re also looking forward to part two of The Hunger Games trilogy, in filming stages now.