Longing to bust out of your bedroom rut? The bed is an easy, comfortable place to have sex, but sometimes you just want to try something different. We’ve got you covered with some exciting new places to get it on. These locations are also relatively safe, so you won’t run the risk of spending the rest of the night in jail. Here are 14 creative—but doable— places to have sex. 

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things sex. 

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In a Chair by the Bed

Let’s start off with an easy suggestion. If you or your lady are a little shy about leaving the comfort of the bed, try utilizing your bedroom furniture, like a sofa, chair, or loveseat. Start off in bed, glance over at the item of your choosing, and say, “Hey, why don’t we move this right over there?” Easy peasy.

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In Your Bathtub

Underwater sex is a fantasy that doesn’t always live up to reality—it’s easy for her to get dried out, it’s hard for you to get enough leverage, and all that chlorine can sting. A more enjoyable way to go about it is to use your own bathtub. Put a protective rubber mat in your tub, then fill it up. Keep a bottle of silicone-based lube within arm’s reach. Have her straddle you while you recline and enjoy all that relaxation.

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In the Backyard

You need a private backyard with a fence (or at least some shrubs) for this one, especially if you have nosy neighbors. Grab a blanket or sleeping bag and a couple of outdoor pillows, and go to town at night underneath the stars. 

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On Patio Furniture

You can get the same outdoor vibes with more comfort by using patio furniture. Try having her straddle you while you sit in a chair. Or try laying down on a poolside recliner. 

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On the Balcony or Deck

This is another great way to get creative and adventurous without a ton of risk. If you have a balcony or deck, wait until it’s dark out. You can use patio furniture, plants, blankets, or awnings to hide your bodies from any prying eyes. 

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In a Tent

Bring the privacy with you! Tents are great for having sex in the woods or even on your property. 

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In the Guest Bedroom

You’ll still have the comfort of a bed and the privacy of a bedroom, but it’ll be your dirty little secret to giggle over together when your friends come into town for a visit. 

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In Your Friend’s Guest Bedroom

There’s something about getting it on at your friend’s house. Maybe it’s knowing you have to keep it quiet, maybe it’s the risk of them knocking on the door, but it’s just so much hotter than your own bed.

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In an Office Chair

There’s nothing like a leather office chair to inspire a fantasy. Pick which one of you gets to be the CEO and which one of you is due for their annual review. 

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In Front Of The Window In A Hotel

Next time you check into a hotel, take a peek at the glass windows from the outside of the building. If you can’t see into any of the rooms, it means your hotel is probably equipped with some sort privacy glass. Once you get up to the room, try pressing her against the window and penetrating her from behind. You’ll get the thrill of exhibitionism without the risk.

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In the Closet

This is another good way to ease into more creative locations. While she’s in the closet getting undressed for the night, surprise her and start going down on her. 

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In the Pantry

In the same vein, try doing it in the pantry. Turn her around and have her hold onto the shelves while you enter her from behind. 

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In Front of a Mirror

This idea is surprisingly easy, but can have amazingly hot results. Position yourselves in front of the tallest mirror in your apartment, and watch yourselves from all angles. 

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In a Restaurant Bathroom

If you’d like to up the risk factor, try getting it on in a restaurant bathroom. A lot of places have private, unisex stalls with floor to ceiling doors and walls. Be on the lookout while you’re out on dates. Have her go in first, then shoot you a text message to let you know which bathroom she’s in. But, please clean up after yourselves!

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