Did you know that only about 30 percent of women can orgasm from intercourse alone? Most women need direct or indirect clitoral stimulation to get there. Fortunately, there are plenty of positions that make it easy to give her what she needs. Here are 15 positions that are all fantastic for female orgasm, plus some tips for getting her there!

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in all things sex. 

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The Camel

This is a slight—but important!—variation on standard woman on top. Have her lean back just a bit and rest her hands behind her. You’ll still have direct access to her clitoris, and your penis will rub right up against her G-spot. Double the pleasure for her! 

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The Side Rider

This one can be a little tricky to visualize, but it’s well-worth the effort. Lie on your back with your feet flat on the bed and your knees in the air. Have her straddle one of your legs and lower down onto your penis. She holds onto your leg and grinds against your thigh. 

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The Drape

Have her scoot over to the bottom of bed and hang her legs off the edge. Kneel on the ground between her feet. You have a full range of motion, and can grab onto her hips for leverage. Her clit is right there in front of you, ready for your fingers or a toy. If you get too close, you can pull out for a breather but keep on stroking her. 

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Sit cross-legged, or with your legs stretched out in front of you. Have her sit on your lap and wrap her legs around your body. This is another position where grinding is the focus. She’ll be pressed right against your abs and can control just how much grinding action she wants… She can also lean back a bit and touch herself.

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Lazy Lotus

If you have a hard time staying in Lotus (let’s be honest: flexibility can be challenging sometimes!), try this easy variation. Put a bunch of pillows between your back and your headboard or the wall, and have her climb on top. Your abs will be engaged by sitting up, so she’ll have a good surface to grind against. 

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Bent Cowgirl

One more small but powerful trick: have her bend towards you, resting her hands on your pecs or alongside your shoulders. This small change in angle makes a big difference because it allows her to grind her clitoris against your pubic bone. This grinding motion works wonders for lots of women. 

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The Bridge

Have her lay on her back, with her feet flat on the bed, while you kneel between her legs. Lift her hips in the air so she’s in a low bridge position. You don’t have a huge range of movement here since you don’t want to slip out, but her clit is front and center. You can easily reach down and stroke her or use a toy on her. Or ask her to let you watch her touch herself. 

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Her On Top

Lie flat on your back and ask her to climb aboard. She rests on her knees and sits upright. From this position, you can stroke her clitoris with your thumb or index finger. Or encourage her to reach down and do her thing. You can also use a small bullet vibrator on her. 

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The Missionary Grind

In this position, you start off in traditional Missionary, with you on top and her on the bottom. Instead of thrusting in and out, focus more on grinding against her clitoris with your pubic bone. Imagine going in circles or figure-eights. It helps to pull your body weight a bit closer to her head. To up the intensity, try pulling her labia apart with your fingers and exposing her clitoris even more. 

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This old favorite is amazing for a lot of women. Have her start on her hands and knees while you penetrate her from behind. She can stay on her hands or lower down onto her elbows to change the angle of penetration and make sure you’re rubbing right against her G-spot. She can touch her clitoris or use a vibrator, or you can reach around and stroke her.

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Upright Doggy

If you have a hard time getting to her clitoris during regular Doggystyle, try having her prop herself up over the headboard or the back of a sofa. You’re still behind her, but there’s more space for you to give her the ol’ reach-around.

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Lying Doggy

From regular Doggystyle, have her slowly lower her body until she’s lying flat on her stomach and you’re lying on top of her with your stomach on her back. She can lift her butt slightly and squeeze a hand down to touch her clitoris. A lot of women masturbate in this position, so it’s a real winner! 

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Seated Cowgirl

Sit in a chair and have her straddle you, facing you. She’ll have more leverage to move exactly how she wants and find the angle that’s just right for her. 

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The Lap Dance

Stay in your chair but have her turn to face the same direction as you. She’ll still have plenty of control, and she’ll have more space to reach down and touch her clitoris. 

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Reverse Cowgirl

Ask her to climb on top but face your feet instead of your head. This is an incredibly hot position for both of you. 

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