Have your New Years resolutions already fallen by the wayside? Try replacing them with some resolutions you’ll actually want to keep, like a resolution to get more creative in the bedroom. Sex therapist Vanessa Marin is here to share 16 sex positions you should try in 2016. You’ll find detailed descriptions of each position, along with tips for taking the positions to the next level with sex toys, lube, fantasy roleplays, and more. Look through them with your partner and pick one position to try each month. Ranging from easy to acrobatic, romantic to raunchy, you’re sure to find a new favorite position. Disclaimer: Always make sure your partner is comfortable and up for trying new things in your sex life, no matter what that may be.

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1. Handcuffs

How to do it: You’ll need a waist-high surface like a countertop or table for this position. The woman faces the table, bends over, and rests her body on the surface. The man enters her from behind. He grabs her hands, pulling her arms back towards him. 

Expert tip: This is a great position if you want to play around with domination and submission, since the woman is pinned in place and doesn’t have much control.

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2. Sideways Straddle

How to do it: The man lies on his back. He bends one knee and rests the foot of the same leg on the bed. The woman turns her body so she’s facing his upright thigh. She straddles his leg, resting one knee on either side, and lowers down onto his penis. From there, she rocks back and forth, grinding her clitoris against his thigh. 

Expert tip: This one can be a bit tricky to get into at first, but it’s an amazing position for female orgasm since the woman is getting so much clitoral stimulation. The woman can add a little bit of lube to her clitoris to make the grinding sensation feel even better.

3. Upright Doggy

How to do it: In this variation of traditional Doggystyle, the woman drapes her body over the back of a sofa or props up against a large headboard instead of being on all fours. She’s still on her knees, but her body is more upright. The guy is in the same position as Doggystyle, and enters her from behind. 

Expert tip: This position gives both partners easier access to the woman’s clitoris. Either partner can stroke her clitoris with fingers or a sex toy.

4. Lotus

How to do it: The man sits upright, with his legs crossed (or as close to crossed as he can get!) in front of him. The woman faces him and lowers down onto his penis. She wraps her legs around his back so she’s also cross-legged.

Expert tip: This is a fantastic position for slow and intimate, but still intense sex. Since you’re mainly grinding against each other and can’t get a lot of in-and-out penetration, it’s a solid choice for men who want to last longer. It also works well for women who need a grinding motion to reach climax. 

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5. Over The Edge Lotus

How to do it: In this variation (of the position described on the previous slide), the guy scoots over to the edge of the bed so he can rest his feet flat on the floor. 

Expert tip: If flexibility is not your forte, you’ll find this variation of Lotus much easier to pull off. The woman has a bit more range of motion too, so she can slide up and down the full length of his penis.

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6. Leaning Cowgirl

How to do it: The man lies flat on his back, and the woman straddles him. She slowly leans back, propping her hands behind her for support. 

Expert tip: This is a great position for giving the man a show. The woman can masturbate right in front of him, showing him exactly what she’s doing to herself. 

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7. Legsplitter

How to do it: The woman lays on her back, with one leg flat on the bed and the other leg up in the air. The man straddles the leg that’s on the bed, and the woman rests her other leg on his shoulder.  

Expert tip: This position creates a really deep, full sensation. It’s great for hitting the G-spot. It’s easy to maneuver into from Missionary, but still unusual enough to feel new.

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8. Crabwalk

How to do it: Remember doing the crabwalk in PE class? You’re going to get into the same position here, with your stomach facing up. The guy’s butt rests on the bed or floor. The woman can start off straddling the man, then slowly bend backwards until she’s resting on her hands. 

Expert tip: This position is fun because it’s acrobatic and pretty unusual. You can use it to take a breather from more intense positions. The woman can put on a bit of a show by slowly and sensually grinding against the guy. 

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9. Reverse Cowgirl

How to do it: You’ve done Cowgirl, but have you flipped it around yet? In this variation, the man lies flat on his back. The woman straddles him, facing his feet. The woman has a lot of options for changing the angle of penetration. She can lean back slightly, sit fully upright, or bend forward to rest on her hands or elbows. 

Expert tip: All that control ups the woman’s chances of being able to orgasm. She can easily reach down and stroke her clitoris, or lean back to hit her G-spot. The man gets an incredible view. 

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10. Standing Assist

How to do it: Both partners stand up, facing each other. The woman rests one foot on a short piece of furniture, like a stool or a side table. 

Expert tip: 2016 can be the year that you finally try standing sex! Having the woman’s leg propped up can make for easier entry. A bit of lube will also help things along. If you’re feeling acrobatic, the woman can wrap her leg around the man’s waist, or stretch it all the way up to rest on his shoulder. 

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11. The Cross

How to do it: The man lays on his side. The woman lies on her back, with her body perpendicular to his. She drapes her legs over the side of his body. The woman is mostly in control of the motion. She can pull herself closer by bending her knees more tightly.

Expert tip: This is another great position for guys who want to last longer, since the woman is in control and there’s not a huge range of motion. Either partner can stroke the woman’s clitoris, or use a vibrator on her. 

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12. Lap Dance

How to do it: The guy sits in a chair. The woman stands, facing the same direction he is. She lowers down onto him and grinds against him. 

Expert tip: This can be an incredibly seductive position. Try roleplaying to amp it up even more.

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13. Assisted Cowgirl

How to do it: The man lies on a narrow piece of furniture like a sturdy coffee table or settee. The woman stands flat on her feet and crouches over him with one leg on either side. She’s totally in control, and can bounce up and down or grind on top of him.

Expert tip: This one is tricky because it requires a piece of furniture that is just right. But being flat on her feet allows the woman a much wider range of motion than standard Cowgirl. This is a great position for a super intense quickie.

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14. Bended Knee

How to do it: The man and the woman face each other, both on their knees, with one knee bent (like they’re about to propose to each other). The woman might have to initially raise her pelvis to lower down onto his penis. From there, the partners hold each other tight and grind against each other.

Expert tip: This can be a very romantic and intimate position. It’s perfect for guys who want to last longer, since you’re not doing a lot of thrusting. Try teasing each other by seeing how slowly you can go.

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15. Twisted Missionary

How to do it: This position is similar to Missionary, only the woman is on her side with her legs scissored open and resting flat on the bed. 

Expert tip: Like the legsplitter, this position is really easy to get into from Missionary, but it still feels like you’re doing something new. The guy can caress her while the woman can play with her clitoris. 

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16. X Marks The Spot

How to do it: This is another position that requires a waist-high surface like a table. The woman lays flat on her back, with her legs draped over the edge. The man stands in front of her and enters her. The woman raises her legs in the air and crosses them at the ankle, resting her feet on the guy’s chest or shoulder. He can hold onto her ankles for leverage as he thrusts in and out.

Expert tip: This position creates an incredibly deep and tight sensation. It’s fantastic for hitting the G-spot. The man can hold onto the woman’s hands and feet for more power-play fun. 

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