Granted, this survey was done by a sex shop, but the results are still pretty fly—er, eye—opening: Of 2,000 adults polled, half said they used the gym to arrange hookups, and 25% said they’d actually had sex there.  

On top of that, 66% of the Brits quizzed by sex-toy/lingerie shop Ann Summers said they got motivated to work out by imagining sex at the gym, with 10% admitting they brought condoms with them just in case. A full 20% said they’d had sex with their trainer, and 70% of the women confessed to fantasizing about him. (Note to self: Look into becoming a trainer.) 

But this isn’t license to leer at every cute chick doing chest presses. Tune in next month for the how-tos of in-gym pickups; till then, be friendly, be subtle—and know how to take a hint.

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