The traditional standing pee is being rivaled by a new sitting-while-urinating method—all in the name of cleanliness and health.

Weird fact: Thirty percent of men in Japan sit while they pee, and Sweden and Taiwan just put through proposals to encourage men to follow suit. 

The Environmental Protection Agency in Taiwan and the local governments are putting out public notices that ask men to sit down while urinating. Why the heck does the government there care how guys take a pee? The Environmental Protection Agency in Taiwan carried out 100,000 inspections of public toilets and found that standing up causes urine splatter and a bad smell, which prompted this debate. Sitting could improve hygiene and ensure that men don’t step through puddles of pee.

Some news stories imply that it’s not just to save money on the government’s janitor bills, but it’s also good for guys’ health. Medical research reported in Sweden’s Folket newspaper said that sitting might mean reduced prostate cancer risk and be better for you in the bedroom. That’s because the bladder empties more efficiently when men take a seat while urinating, and this improved bladder release supposedly decreases prostate problems and allows for a longer and healthier sex life.