It’s not your imagination: Sex really is better when you’re on vacation, says Belisa Vranich, Psy.D., a columnist with “Most couples have more sex, and higher quality sex, when they’re traveling,” she says. You don’t have to hop a flight to have great sex. Just make these easy at-home moves.

Get Rid of the Distractions
No phone calls, texting, or surfing for sports scores. Make one night a week technology free. Eat dinner, have a drink, reconnect with your lover, and see where the evening takes you. (If you have kids, it may be time to schedule a sleepover.)

Change Your Scenery
Check into a local hotel. Or just freshen things up at home. Fire up a tropical scented candle and download some sexy foreign tunes. Then, get frisky in a spot you’ve never tried before: the shower, the kitchen, a guest bedroom, the garage—anywhere but your usual places.

Turn in Early
One reason sex is so good on vacation is that you get to catch up on your sleep, Vranich says. Stay in on a Friday night and cancel all your plans for Saturday morning. Go to bed early (we didn’t say you have to sleep!), then stay in bed late the following agenda-free morning.

Take a Few Erotic Risks
Forget your inhibitions and experiment. Try new positions, toys, props, even a blindfold or some light bondage. Be free and adventurous. In other words, act like you do on vacation.


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