There’s nothing like going home for the holidays. Between chowing down on your mom’s home-cooked classics, catching up with your high school buddies, and not having to do your own laundry, it really is the best time of the year.

It also happens to be one of the most sex-fueled times of the year—especially if you’re single.

Whether you “reunite” with an old flame from your testosterone-charged teenage years or “accidentally” run into an ex-girlfriend at your family friend’s Christmas party after one too many eggnogs, there’s a good chance you’ll stuff your stocking (safely) during the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, 60% of single people between the ages of 18 and 24 are likely to have casual sex when they’re home over winter break, according to a new survey from Trojan Brand Condoms (aka a leading authority on such matters).

In the survey, researchers found that three out of five singles said they were likely to have casual sex while they were staying with their parents over the holidays—two out of five said it would be with “someone new,” while one out of five said it would be with “an ex”.

Other surprising stats? Fifty-three percent of people said they would be open to having sex in their old bedroom, 35% wouldn’t mind if their parents were home, and 34% said they’d be open to having sex at a family gathering. Now that’s what we call a crazy, off-the-wall place to get it on. But no matter how they’d do the deed, more than 80% said that it’s important to use condoms (even if they already know the person) and 40% of those who had sex last holiday season said they had to make a last-minute run to grab condoms (so it can’t hurt to have some handy at all times).

And trust us, wrapping it up is something you definitely want to do. Wearing protection not only protects you from increasingly common STIs (we bet you don’t want to have that awkward conversation), but they can also improve your sex life in ways you’d never expect. So before the holidays get into full swing, head to the drug store and stock up.