If you plan on updating to iOS9, you’ll have access to some interesting new features, including what’s basically a sex diary. 

Broadly labeled a ‘sex tracker,’ the function isn’t really a tracker in the sense of a pedometer or heart rate monitor. Instead, just like a real diary, you manually log every time you have sex. 

Packaged in the HealthKit, the new additions in the update mostly cater to women, who will be able to track their menstrual cycle and log the results of any relevant testing. They’ll also be able to send this info out directly to their doctor. 

But what does this app mean for men?

More than you might initially think. For one thing, tracking your sex life can be useful for keeping up to date on your STI testing. The app will allow you to log whether or not you used protection, and making note of any new partners can help you stay on top of your screenings. 

The app will also offer info on sexual health to keep you informed about the risks and options available to you. 

So while it may not mean awesome things for your relationship (you can find plenty of awesome things here, however), the new tracker might actually help you stay clean.

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