A new poll conducted in Britain has revealed that one in ten people has had sex in their sleep. 

Among 13,000 participants in the poll conducted by Guy Meadows, Ph.D. at The Sleep School, 9 percent self-reported having had sex while asleep. This experience, referred to as ‘sexsomnia,’ means actively participating in sexual behavior while (typically very deeply) asleep. Just as sleep-walkers get out of bed and walk around, people who experience sleep sex behave like they’re awake, moving (and making moves) as they normally would. They may even get pretty loud and repeat the behavior again later in the night. 

Another surprise the study uncovered? Sleep eating. Sixteen percent of sleepwalkers reported picking up light snacks on their nocturnal escapades. 

Sleep disorders like these can be triggered by sleep deprivation, stress, and binge drinking. It’s just one more side effect on the laundry list of problems caused by these unhealthy lifestyle choices, along with increased appetite, high blood pressure, and the onset of anxiety and depression. 

How to tell if your partner might be, um, asleep?  Psychology Today points to glassy eyes and a vacant expression as common indicators that a person might be engaging in sleep sex. Beyond that, be sure to always check in with her to make sure she’s, you know, conscious. In fact, checking in with her is a great way to improve your sex life in general. 

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