The desire to perform in bed puts a lot of pressure on a guy, especially when you’re not 100 percent sure what your partner wants. If she doesn’t tell you what she likes, you don’t have to just guess. Our partners at AskMen have shared some advice on what women consider good sex.

Sample tips:

Think like a knob, not a switch.

Unlike men, women are not instantly aroused the moment the proposition of sex is on the table. You have to take your time with her to get her into the mood and ready for the main course. Like a knob, you have to slowly turn it if you…um…want to get inside.

Play to your strengths.

Unlike the men in pornos, real life guys are not sexually flawless. Whether it’s premature ejaculations or a smaller than average member, most guys have at least one obstacle to hurdle in the bedroom. But instead of focusing on your drawbacks, switch gears and play to your strengths–be it your tongue skills, animal-like endurance or an awesome toy collection.

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