MARIA, 36: “Manhandle me, press your body against mine, and don’t be afraid to take the upper hand.” BROOKE, 27: “Switch up your favorite position and give me something new.” LEEZA, 25: “Tie me up, blindfold me, and explore me.” BRIDGET, 29: “Talk dirty and order me around! It helps me know what you like!” MICHAELA, 34: “Pay more attention to the details of my body, especially my clitoris. Multiple spots being stimulated at once makes for multiple orgasms.” KAREN, 45: “Lip service, please! Talk to your woman; tell her something that makes her feel special in that moment. And use that mouth all over me.” SONYA, 28: “Use a vibrator on me; you can pleasure me in different ways at once.” ISABELLA, 31: “More foreplay. We are complex creatures, so one minute of kissing is not gonna cut it. Touch me, grab me, play with me until I beg.” ANGELICA, 27: “Take me on the kitchen counter, interrupt me while I’m cooking, be totally unexpected in where we have sex! Spontaneity keeps it interesting and turns me on.” HOLLY, 26: “Stop being self-conscious. We don’t want someone who pussyfoots around thinking, ‘Does she want me to do this?’ There’s no room for insecurities in the bedroom, so leave them at the door.” TINA, 27: “Nothing is worse than a one-minute man, so step up your game and learn control and stamina.” NANCY, 42: “Confidence, but not cockiness. A woman wants a man who isn’t afraid to please her. Massage me to loosen up and ease the tension.”