Day 3

On Day 2, you’ll vary the emphasis once again but with three different and challenging moves. The side leg raise takes your oblique training up several notches because of the added resistance from your legs and the requisite body control. The knees-up crunch pre-engages your lower abs, while the hand placement precludes you from pulling on your head when fatigued, which is one of the main problems with traditional crunches. You’ll finish this mini-circuit with reverse crunches to zero in on your lower abs. – See more at: https://www.muscleandfitness.com

Day 3 involves a superset of two relatively advanced exercises. The once-ubiquitous Roman chair sit-up is introduced today in conjunction with parallel bar leg raises. With the Roman chair, you can add resistance with your arm placement, so start with the toughest version of those shown and progress to easier ones as you fatigue. With the parallel bar leg raise, more advanced athletes can try the legs-spread version shown but the legs-together version will provide plenty of punch for your lower abs.

Exercise    Sets Reps
Roman Chair Situp 4 10-20
-superset with-
Parallel Bar Leg Raise 4 10-15

–Perform both exercises back-to-back without rest, until you’ve completed all four supersets.

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