Day 8

On Day 2, you’ll vary the emphasis once again but with three different and challenging moves. The side leg raise takes your oblique training up several notches because of the added resistance from your legs and the requisite body control. The knees-up crunch pre-engages your lower abs, while the hand placement precludes you from pulling on your head when fatigued, which is one of the main problems with traditional crunches. You’ll finish this mini-circuit with reverse crunches to zero in on your lower abs. – See more at: https://www.muscleandfitness.com

Day 8 includes more rotational work to provide that nice, streamlined look you want around your waistline, while also getting you away from floor work. Selecting the proper resistance is key, of course, but working through a full, proper range of motion on each rep will ensure that your target muscles are getting as much time under tension as possible.

Exercise    Sets Reps
Alternating Rope Cable Chop 6 10 (each side)
-superset with-
Cable Oblique Twist 6 10 (each side)

–Perform reps for each side on each exercise before moving to the next. Alternate between the moves in this fashion until you’ve completed six sets total.

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